Why Running May Not Be Your Best Option When it Comes to Losing Weight

Many ladies come into the studio frustrated at their inability to lose weight in spite of consistent running or jogging.  Besides putting a heavier burden on your joints then they were made to handle long term, running is an inefficient way to burn fat and it won't build muscle.  

Here is the formula we use at The Workout Barre and it works!  

Resistance Training + Interval Training = Best Results

1. Our bodies need Resistance Training (also called weight or strength training) to maintain and build muscle mass which makes our body a fat-burning furnace.  A fabulous non-impact way to resistance train is Barre!  We use body weight for lower body exercises and dumbbells and pushups for upper body. 

2. Compound strength exercises such as push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers are better at raising your metabolism and are low-impact on joints. 

3. Shorter duration Interval Training is far more effective at burning calories and increasing cardiovascular fitness than longer sessions of running.  30 Minute HIIT classes are a fabulous time efficient alternative! 

Watch this short video